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Knowledgebase: TaxTron 2014
How do I Netfile a tax return?
Posted by on 20 February 2013 11:10 AM
In order to netfile your tax return, you have to follow the below steps.
•         Open your tax return.
•         Select "Netfile" under the menu "File" ( File Netfile).  The software will do automatic recalculations and display the diagnostics window.
•         Review all the diagnostic messages and go back and fix anything that needs to be corrected before you file your return.
•         Click the "close" button at the bottom to close the diagnostics window while reviewing the last diagnostic.
•         The "Netfile validity chart" will appear on the screen. Confirm that the box for “check to confirm that none of the conditions listed below applies in this return” is check marked and press OK.
•        The "Connect to CRA "window will appear and click the button "Connect to CRA"
•         The internet browser will open and take you to the Netfile website.
•         Read the information on the page and when you are ready to proceed click the  button "I agree with the Terms and Conditions - proceed" .• Click the button “Proceed with NETFILE”•         Enter your SIN and date of birth in step 1.  Check the check box besides “I am filling an income tax return with the CRA for the first time” if you are.
•         Scroll down to Step 2 and click on the Browse button, TaxTron usually saves your ".tax " file in the default folder For Windows : Mydocuments\Taxtron\Taxpilot\2012\DotTax)For Mac : Documents\TaxTron\2012\DotTax\NetFile 
Select your ".tax" file and click on Open. If you have "Balance Owing" scroll down to Step 3 and select the option for making a payment within the next 5 days. Otherwise straight go to Step 4.• Check the check box besides “I agree with this declaration”  in step 4
•         Click on "I Agree. File My return now!"•         Record the confirmation number
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